A monogram turns an exclusive piece from our company into your very own personal unique piece. What was almost a must in earlier times has a rather elitist character in the present day, aimed at exaggerated external effect. We have deliberately opted for a strictly minimal approach to personalisation via a monogram. Minimal because it is so limited in size, shape and possibilities that there are almost no further possibilities for reductions to the design. Only two letters, which preferably stand for your first and last name, reflect your very personal individuality, revealing only what is necessary without revealing too much about you. Both letters are separated only by a dot, THE DOT, quite enough to make your own initials recognisable. The fact that it doesn't need another dot is probably the most unusual but also the most striking thing about it, but it follows the minimalist approach to the last consequence. Quite apart from that, it creates a harmonious overall picture of the monogram, it creates a certain symmetry that blends unobtrusively into the design. The colour design is also adapted to the design; it matches the other embossings and is positioned as centrally as possible in the interior.

You are welcome to send us the initials of your choice in advance or afterwards via telephone, chat, email or directly during the ordering process. If you have more detailed questions about this, please contact us at concierge@29knots.com and we will assign a member of staff to you who will always be there as your contact person, your personal concierge.