At the very beginning was the life story of a special person who spent much of her long, difficult life with two simple objects: a needle and thread. What was created from these simple tools, however, day after day, are truly treasures.

Over a hundred years ago, this time began to add up, but it preserved something important, an honest traditional craft. A craft that over the decades became more and more industrialised, robbed of its very own quality and thus almost completely delaved. Thus, the appreciation was almost completely lost, or was distorted by pretended scarcity.

Undeterred by this, this unteachable person preserved the original craft and thus did not allow it to be forgotten for all of us, her great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren generation.

Thank you, Charlotte, for allowing us to preserve and continue your skills, your wisdom and thus a piece of your lifetime, thank you.

Limited... is the number of all our minutes, therefore everything we can create ourselves is subject to a personal natural limitation, however unlimited and diverse our minds and ideas may be. Because of this limitation of our time, the production of goods from our house is very rare. A limitation partly in the number of objects produced, partly in the time available to us. Sometimes a place on our waiting list, but always our appreciation to you.

Valuable... it is, the time that is consumed ever faster in accordance with our modern attitude to life. Hours, minutes, seconds of our very own personal time, which are packed with the most diverse tasks and events.

Carefully... at least supposedly, one gives time away to automatisms and machines and thereby unintentionally creates goods that are consumed but not appreciated. The idea, the knowledge, the work, the time, the skill, the enthusiasm, the meaning and the soul, all that makes up a valued product remains far away with such goods. The conscious perception of an achievement disappears. That's why we reclaim all these qualities to create a good for you that also deserves your personal care.

Unique... is how every luxury item appears to us, but without a great deal of work in production, it degenerates into nothing more than a fast-moving commodity. If this appreciation in the form of time and energy is not already present in the production, how is this object supposed to become something special for you personally?

Humbly... before the ancient traditions, we have acquired the proven skills of our craft to be able to counter this. Only the work of our hands, nothing less should you expect from us.

Consistently... we exclude machines from our production in order to maintain the original rite of craftsmanship. Not to preserve something past, but to prove the sublimity of better quality again and again.

Rigerously... we sacrifice our time for it, when, for example, every single stitch of a seam is completed over hours, only with the thread and a needle. Not only because it is a superior and individual design, but also because there is a knot in every recess of the stitch in the leather, which protects the entire seam from coming loose, as no machine has been able to do so far.

Essential... is this extra effort and many other expenses to offer you a good that defines the term longevity over generations and passes on the liveliness to the following and preserves a memory of us and especially you.

Traditional... is our craft and classic is the design of every creation from our house, sometimes very traditional and sometimes in a new guise, so that the combination and interpretation remains entirely yours. You will always recognise new facets without forgetting what makes a timeless product so valuable.

Singular... is therefore every good that we leave to you. Perhaps your own or someone else's discerning gaze will remind you of the time sacrificed for you, the preciousness we place in your hands.

Thank you for the past, thank you for the future and above all, thank you for you.